Flat UI Colors 2 — 13 Countries, 13 Designers, 13 More Color Palettes

A total set of 14 color palettes and 280 colors for your designs, projects, presentations and other needs.

Living in this beautiful planet called Earth, I don’t recall any earthling who had chosen the coordinates where they were given life to. There are these colorful sheets called flags which determine the land that we can walk over. The sky is surely in different colors in different coordinates and people see love in red, peace in green and death in gray. As earthlings even our skin comes in variety of colors and some of us change colors during summer time. The nature provides different shades of colors in different ways but surely a rainbow is one of the blessings of nature 🌈. Over the evolution we’ve developed a common sense for colors and yet living in this digital era, colors are the main building blocks of communication and expression.


No matter where we are from or what color had covered our flesh, Flat UI Colors proved me the power and common sense of beautifully paired colors is a global fact and it’s huge. Amongst the more than 30 projects that I’ve done so far, I’ve always been amazed how flatuicolors.com gained it’s popularity in 2013 so quickly and surprised that it’s still being used all over the world while growing each year. Over the past year the colors have been copied more than 25 million times from more than 150 countries around the world. And now collaborating with 13 designers from 13 different countries along with the default palette, I’m proud to present you the all new Flat UI Colors 2.


Our fellow designers,

Léa Poisson from 🇫🇷
Alexander Zaytsev from 🇷🇺
Jan Losert from 🇬🇧
Martin David from 🇩🇪
Jesper Dahlqvist from 🇸🇪

Want to submit your own palette? Please follow this link to learn more. We’ll first prioritize the countries which are not in the current list, but eventually publish all the palettes

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