Geometric Animation Inspiration— May 2017

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Walking Taco by Thijs Bernolet

Squiggle by Jonas Naimark

Tetsuo.gif by Mathew Lucas

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XXXI by Cory Duma

Escape by Jonas Naimark

Techno-motion by Igor Bezdetko

Primus / PhysEx by Shaan Suleman

Motion Design Experiment by Henrique

Blip Blop Loop Dump by Karolin Gu

Processing animation for Light camera by fantasy by Gleb Kuznetsov✈

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Because there are still not enough circles and shadows… by Jorge R Canedo Estrada

Triangle Animation by Kenny Sing

Ripples by Dave Whyte

Stay Trippy Morse by Jonathan Howell

Geometrick 1 by Rory Simms

Translational.gif by Mathew Lucas

Geometric Transitions by Dan Seekings

Dancing Objects by Julius Gehrig

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