Landing Page Inspiration — August 2017

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WFA — Homepage — Pre-project by Dogstudio

Delights of Exploring by Vedad Siljak

Project X by Katie Kindness for Miva

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Financial website (Distributed Ledger) by Julien Renvoye

Dualism 09: VHS by Shota

MoneyLion Homepage by clᴧy

Gleec Homepage by Clément Brichon

promo page by uixNinja

Minimal & Creative Design — Web Development Agency — Home Page by Lucian Tudorache

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naive by Stugbear.

Screeners Landing by Corey Haggard for Mossio

Superlative: 07 Laus by Shota

Website Redesign for Global Finance Loan Company by Kostya Vargatiuk for Zajno Crew

Snug — Landlord by Filip Justić for Balkan Brothers

gather — stud by Stugbear.

Innapp website by Valeria Rimkevich for Fireart Studio

Real Estate by Giga Tamarashvili

Superlative by Stugbear.

Arban — real estate / web concept by Kirill Kim for ChipsaDesign

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