Landing Page Inspiration — June 2017

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Mixing Color by Giga Tamarashvili

🌱 by Michał Roszyk for tonik

🇨🇦 Get your Canadian Visa by Damian Redecki for tonik

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Back to Life by Vedad Siljak

Gorgias — Shopify Integration by Martin Strba for Balkan Brothers

Surge Homepage Motion 2 by Rahul for Balkan Brothers

Machinery Production Company Management System Landing Page by Tolik Nguyen for Zajno Crew

Sanvark Homepage by Enes Ateş for Bulk Lab

Trip : Take only memories, leave only footprints. by Surja Sen Das Raj 💯

Bea Restaurant home page by Zihad

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Singular Redesign | Saas | Analytics by Julien Renvoye

Learning Landing Page Exploration by Masudur Rahman 

Animated Cover by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

Landing Page For Healthy Coffee Box Subscriptions by Caesar Aldhela for Hellonemo

Professional Voiceovers by Roberto Velarde for Tuner Media

SLEEK Studios — Website Design Concept by Ali Sayed

Tookapic Landing Page v.∞.0 by Pawel Kadysz

Hotel Widget Landing Page by Sebo

Layers, Grids, Columns, Overlaps by Chris Rowe

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