Landing Page Inspiration — September 2017

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Backcountry Hut Co by Marina Matijaca for Spelar

Savagely Landing Page Exploration by Ghani Pradita for Paperpillar

cloud services homepage by Przemysław Bacia

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Handoff: The bridge between design and development by Filippo Chiumiento for Marvel

MedCareers — Recruitment in Healthcare 👩🏻‍⚕️ by Daria Khimych

Unlimited Pass by UI8

Always Data by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

Travel by Rwds

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CRM — Sales Automation by Ibnu Mas’ud for Sebo

My Happy Family — Film by Tokito.

Fashion Details Page — Riding Hood by Johan Adam Horn 🙈 for MakeReign

Portfolio of Jesper Dahlqvist by Jesper Dahlqvist

Why Slack Motion by Gene Ross for ueno.

Marketing Site — Renters Page by Eric Hoffman for Reform Collective

Creative Company Website — Concept by Ali Sayed

Winit website for Uhura by beasty 🐯 for uhura

Portfolio Landing Page — 02 by Anton Chandra — Workflow & automation by Maciej Kotula for Netguru

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