Lovely Animations of the Month — August 2017

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Beard Man by Romain Loubersanes

Batman vs Arcade by Justin van der Moezel

The Roomba Dance by Tony Babel

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Live Fast Die Yound by Eduard Mykhailov

Finding a game by Yana for UIGREAT

Overview Animation by Frederico Teixeira Jesus for Significa

Surf’s Up Brah! by Yeah Haus

Geometrik 1.2 by Romain Loubersanes

Empty State by Benoit Massé for Shopify

Don’t Complicate by Eduard Mykhailov for Norde

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Animalators by Bee Grandinetti

A brainwashed generation by Mike Russo

I saw the sign by Jonas Mosesson

Atomic light by James Oconnell

Eclipse, Explained by Gal Shir

Summer Gif by Curt Postill

crisscross / 019 by lucas marinm for crisscross

Mall People by Paolo Voto

Trust Me I’m An Engineer by Aslan A. for Fireart Studio

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