Lovely Animations of the Month — August 2018

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Waveform by Jonas Naimark

Summer’s gone… by Andrés Clerc

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Potted Punk Plant by Chris Phillips

Subjectivity in esthetism by Arno Di Nunzio

Flex Appeal by MUTI

Skully Thesis #09 by Latham Arnott

Tasty! by Oliver Sin

Smokes by Marek Mundok

Anchor Point Logo Animation by YaroFlasher for Motion Design School

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mini luchador [gif] by henrique barone

Selfportrait… kinda — Animated by Jerzy Wierzy

Smart Guns by Petko Modev for Lobster

Dancing Panda by Animade

Nordpanel — Trucks by Daniele Simonelli

Communication Pattern by Alex Kunchevsky for OUTLΛNE

Motion Universe by YaroFlasher for Motion Design School

After Effects Free Course by Valentin Kirilov

Crypto Illustrations II by UI8

Into the sunshine by ranganath krishnamani

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