Lovely Animations of the Month — June 2018

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Monsters by Markus Magnusson

Swiping off by Morten Niklasson for Cub Studio

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Mental space by Nikolay Ivanov for Lobster

For my father by l5ee for Hiwow

Spin by Alexandra Zutto for Norde

4 / 36 days of type by Adrien Ghenassia

Sndbox intro by Mantas Gr for Humdinger & Sons

Infinity by Philip Nordström

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Wings of the Night by MUTI

Vehicle appear effect by Gleb Kuznetsov✈

Smashed by Nikolay Ivanov for Lobster

Liquid trasition by Hunan

Ferryman by Philip Nordström

Parents & their families by The Furrow

Even more data… by The Furrow The Race to 5G by ueno.

Filter target users by jiangxiaobei for UIGREAT

Browsing by Timo Kuilder

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