Lovely Illustrations of the Month — August 2018

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Spaceship by WantLine

Concept, Exploration, Definition by Chase Turberville for Focus Lab

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Heads or tails? Heads. by Jerzy Wierzy

💦💦Mama Whale 💦💦 by Jennifer Hom

F is for Foliage by MUTI

Better to forget by Radostina Georgieva

from classy to ashy by Christopher Reath

Gradient Utopia by Walid Beno

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FUTURO DARKO by Krzysztof Nowak

happen to wear the same color by wentaob

Snobby Club by Olga Zalite for Hiwow

good morning by Timo Kuilder

Wireframing — Live E-book by Aga Kozak for Netguru

Dallas Skyline by Lisa Engler for Opendoor Design

Seismic Brewing Co. Alluvium Illustration by Emrich Office

Fork in the Road by Alex Pasquarella for Canopy

Centaur by Brian Rau

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