Lovely Illustrations of the Month — December 2018

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Home for Procreate by muhammed sajid

love under the star by Muriel for Radesign

Cinematography by Olga Zalite for Hiwow

Jasmine 👁 by Anano Miminoshvili

Vanité by Benoit Drigny

Dinosaurs by James Gilleard

Two Universes Illustration by Bohdan Senah for EPAM Design Lviv

Work space by muhammed sajid for Hiwow

Holiday Road by Julian Burford for The Zebra

Situazione di traffico orribile by Krzysztof Nowak

Well-Done UI Illustration by tubik

Cottage in the forest by Yvon zhu for B&B

How to open up and create better work by Fanny Luor for Dropbox Design

Void — 2. Strangers by Glenn Thomas

Apple Logo by Alexandra Zutto

Once upon a time in cinema by Artua

Design space exploration by Magda Koscianska for Netguru

No Mans Sky no 3 by James Gilleard

social by Backhand-kill for Radesign

Cuppa by MUTI

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