Lovely Illustrations of the Month — September 2018

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Muses by Diana Stoyanova

Maneki-Neko by Dmitry Stolz

Bitcoin services by Ben Bely

Building Bots by Olenka Malarecka for Intercom

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Second hand by Mary Kotyshova for Awsmd

Resistors by Ilona Rybak for inFullMobile

Smoke Break by Brian Rau

Helloworks HR Onboarding Illustration and Ads by Jonathan Holt for HelloSign

Patience by Brian Rau

Mind the Gap | WIP | (SOM ’18) by Adam Quest

Daily IOT by Hurca™

Rainy Night by Alex Pasquarella for Canopy

Game concept by Alexandra Zutto for Norde

The Deepest Sound by Katarzyna Dziaduś for Netguru

Chef’s Rhapsody by Mintion for Hiwow

Review by Parham Marandi

Autumn Castle by SakuraChen for innn

Jet Admin vol.2 by Alexander Shumihin for Geex Arts

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