Redesign Collection Of Popular Websites — January 2017

We’ve curated the best redesigns of popular websites on Dribbble for your inspiration.


Dropbox Redesign Concept by Pedro Henrique Marques

Dropbox landing page by Paolo D’Ettorre

Dropbox Web App Redesign by Christoph Gromer

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Youtube Redesign Concept by Malik

YouTube Redesign II by Marcus Hofer

YouTube Video Page (WIP) by Dmitry Samarenkov

Youtube | Concept by Malik

Youtube Redesign by Aurélien Salomon ➔

YouTube Redesign by Mario Maruffi


Linkedin Redesign by Jamshaid Saleem

Linkedin Redesign White by Tintins

Linkedin Redesign by Valentin Salmon

Linkedin Redesign by Willionaire

Linkedin by Ramil Derogongun

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Google Apps

Gmail Redesign by Anastasiia

Google Docs Redesign Concept by Malik

Redesigning Google Search Results — Free PSD by Chandan Mishra

Gmail Redesign by Sean Holstien

Gmail Retake by Alex Banaga

Google Redesign by Aurélien Salomon ➔

Gmail Redesign by Valentin Salmon

Gmail Redesign by Rayhanul Islam


Facebook UI Refresh by Andrew Millen

Facebook 2.0 by Marcelo Silva

Facebook in material design by uixNinja

Facebook streaming application concept by Yury Smirnov for Awesomed

Facebook redesign — light by Aurélien Salomon ➔


Twitter Profile by Ramil Derogongun

Twitter Redesign — Cleaner version by Adrien Thomas

Twitter statistic concept by Grégoire Vella

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