UI Interaction GIFs Of the Month — August 2017

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SY Expedition animation by Anton Skvortsov

Talklife onboarding by Grégoire Vella for Minimal apps

Expermenting on UI transitions by Anoop Kumar 🎨

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Tunefox — Lick switcher by Jaromir Kveton for Soulmates

VV01: Marshall by Shota

eVici — See Your Neighbors 🗺️ by Michał Włodarski for eVici

Mobile stats exploration by Grégoire Vella for Minimal apps

Routing motion for Airbus iOS product design by Gleb Kuznetsov✈

Product Feature — Interaction by Gabriel Dzieslaw

Home Scanner by Cosmin Capitanu

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Calendar flow exploration for Intelligent OS by Gleb Kuznetsov✈

coolinarium by Shota

Walkthrough by Vilém Ries

🔔 Notification quick preview — hover interaction by George Gliddon

Quadrant Diagonal Input by Bilal Mechairia

Travel Itinerary App pt2 by Ayush Jangra

Neu–04 by Stugbear.

Djurgården hockey match details scroll by Fedza Miralem

Shadow — Onboarding Flow by KREATIVA Studio

Tracking tool — live view by Stano Bagin for PLATFORM

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