UI Interaction GIFs Of the Month — July 2017

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Open Continents by ToyFight®

Modern Website transition 👌🏻 by Stan Yakusevich 💥 for Heartbeat Agency

NIKE product page mobile by Anton Skvortsov

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Select Seats & Payment flow by Vitaly Rubtsov

Tracking tool — iOS app (Select Project & Task) by Stano Bagin for PLATFORM

Provider Dashboard by Regy Perlera for Oscar Health

Email Receipt by Luobing

Card Interactive Demo by Chris Yang for New Beee

Manage Experts — Interactions by Vincent Tantardini

How it works by Barthelemy Chalvet for Qonto

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Search for tattoos by lckwan for ColaFlyIce

Tracking tool — ios app, stats by Stano Bagin for PLATFORM

Travel App Dynamic Demo by Chris Yang for New Beee

Art Gallery by Louis Rausch for DUNCKELFELD

Hiring app — Jelly Button interaction by Johny vino™

Gym Planner Interaction by Johny vino™

Website Homepage Animation for Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet by Igor Pavlinski for Zajno Crew

Work Time Tracker App by Barna Erdei for Halcyon Mobile

Mobile CRM — Motion Design Exploration by Justin Rey for Handsome

Projece Details by Shell_Xiao for New Beee

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