UI Interaction GIFs Of the Month — July 2018

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Airbnb 🏡 Menu transition | Mobile by Sebastian Jungbluth

One Minimal Festival Schedule Day 1 Animation by Zhenya Rynzhuk for Sochnik

Daily Cooking Quest Interactive by Hoang Nguyen

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Tab Bar Animation by Hoang Nguyen

Add Card interaction by Johny vino™

Trashify — app concept by Olga Radzikowna for 10Clouds

Animation about Hotel app by wendy for UIGREAT

My trips Prototype (iOS) by Dennis Snellenberg

Workout app: Onboarding by Vitaly Rubtsov

Order Food by Johny vino™

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Radix — Desktop App Wallet by Tomas Skarba for PLATFORM

3D Product Swipe by Minh Pham ✪

ASH Personal Shopper Service Homepage Animation by Zhenya Rynzhuk

Scan QR code Interaction by Johny vino™

Product Review Micro Interactions by UI8

Tab Bar Cube Interaction by Dannniel for Norde

Smooth Responsive Dashboard by Cuberto

Watch learning interface by Gleb Kuznetsov✈

Social Media App Animation by Dannniel for Norde

Goal by Dimest for Hiwow

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