UI Interaction GIFs Of the Month — June 2018

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Search icon interaction by Oleg Frolov for Magic Unicorn

Sending a message by George Leonardo for Booking.com

Lambda Bar by UI8

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Air ticket by Dimest for Hiwow

Show/hide password by Vitaly Silkin

Skate — AR View by Ales Nesetril for STRV

Direct Hotel Reservation Animated by Cuberto

Micro-interactions in the file upload flow by Jakub Antalík for Frame.io

Mobile key by Cuberto

Add to cart interaction by Johny vino™

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Car Rental UI Animated by Cuberto

Multiply Parallax Effect by Eddie Lobanovskiy for Unfold

Fruit collection by l5ee for Hiwow

Blockchain transfer money by Johny vino™

Create Budget Interaction by Johny vino™

Ticket — Made with Studio by Charles Patterson

run4rest™ — Running App by Adam Zielonko for Netguru

Empty State Animation by Luboš Volkov

run4rest™ — Running App (run view) by Adam Zielonko for Netguru

Reader App Interactions by UI8

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