UI Interaction GIFs Of the Month — May 2017

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The Interaction Design Of A Location App by Peter Osmenda

Animation Experiment 2 by Paweł Waraksa

Daily UI #007 — Settings by Carlos Pariente

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F — Y. Main by Sergey Gurov for M2H agency

Menu Expand — Day 004 by Srinivasan Rajan

Text recognition to-do app by Jakub Antalík

HUNGRY!? by Darek Ulanowicz

Swipe & Delete interaction by Divan Raj 🍃

Aston Martin loading interaction for UI concept by gleb by Gleb Kuznetsov✈

Pull to upload interaction by Divan Raj 🍃

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Tracking tool — ios app — animation by Stano Bagin for PLATFORM

Menu icon animation Vol. 5 by Fedor Korenevych

Transport App Concept by Dima Miro 👽 for Fireart Studio

Electric business Interaction by Kincer for UIGREAT

Rally site 2017? V2 Concept by Ben Cline for RALLY

Payment management App animation by Yucheng

Personal Portfolio Animation by Mario Šimić

My car parking by Johny vino™

About — 11th Bēhance Portfolio Reviews Belo Horizonte by Marco Vincit

Tabs for news by Alexander Plyuto

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