Solution to Assignment 1 Case Study #2’ — SnapDeal

The main short comings of this business model are:

From Consumer point of view:

Lack of Touch & Feel.

From Business Point of View:

  1. Cost involved in partnering with Mobile Network Operators and maintaining smooth relations with them.
  2. Cost involved in sending marketing and coupons SMS to consumers.

My Suggestion:

Rohit and Kunal should come up with a product which overcome all the shortcomings of present and previous product.

  1. It should be a discounted subscription model.
  2. There should be Touch & Feel element to it.
  3. It should not be cumbersome for users to carry.
  4. It should be cost effective for Rohit & Kunal (like they don’t have to bear the costs of SMS and partnering with Mobile companies)

By keeping all these points in mind, one way to move forward is to introduce a smart cards (like Debit Card / Credit Card). User will be able to purchase it from company. Then, they will be able to swipe it on MoneySaver network of retailors. It will resolve the issues mentioned above.