Collective Dreaming: Discussion Guide

A discussion guide frames research conversations, giving them flow, depth and structure. They ignite ideas, prompt reflective comments, and help a conversation meander.

After a large chunk of exploratory conversations we should have strong answers to these research trajectories.

##This document may be updated##


Designing the rhythms of daily life

Many of us have started ‘working from home’ more frequently. What’s been your experience of COVID/lockdown, and how has it altered your relationship to your home/work/leisure spaces? Are you rethinking the direction of your career?

Designing new global systems

The COVID crisis has exposed many problems with our world systems: monetary, healthcare, communication and so on. What are your views on how we can start to improve these, and other, crucial world systems? Consider these keywords: capitalism, neoliberalism and economic progress’?

Designing through nature

What does nature mean to you, and how does it shape the way you think about urban living? What metaphors from nature do you think are useful for thinking about people and society (for example: ‘ecosystem’, ‘mycelium’, ‘pollination’, ‘web’)?


Money and gender

Feminism and economics have a complex relationship. What are the types of discussions that we can expect to emerge from the intersection of these two areas?

Money and inequality

There is huge inequality in the pay people receive. People who are driven by competition are rewarded heavily, whilst people that care and keep society operating are paid far less. Have you begun to think differently about any particular group of people that provide essential services?

Money and technology

Finance is becoming embedded into the web via fintech and blockchain business models. Will this free people from hassle, or could it make things worse?


Culture as industry

Cultural institutions, musicians, artists are often overlooked and have suffered economically during COVID. What trajectories and business models are available for people that are in this field?

Culture as care

Prolonged isolation, fear of disease and a major disruption to normal life has undoubtedly had severe repercussions on people’s mental health. Culture can help remedy this. How might we extend the reach of culture to people that need it most?

Culture as movement

The Black Lives Matter movement has accelerated over the past few months. What can we learn from this movement that can help shape the next generation of leaders?



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