The New Digital Face of Woolly Mammoth

We are very proud to be able to pull back the curtain on the new digital face of Woolly Mammoth: the thoroughly overhauled

Go ahead, take a peek and then come back. We’ll wait for you.

*whistles idly*

Pretty terrific, right? And long overdue, we admit. We’ve been wrestling with our old website for so long we almost forgot what it could be like to feel proud of how we look on the internet.

But our new site isn’t only intended to be more attractive. It’s also much more functional than it’s ever been. You can do so many things online:

  • Build your own subscription packages
  • Learn about special discounts
  • Order drinks right when you order tickets
  • Look up your ticket history
  • Manage your own account
  • Purchase special “experience packages” that include more than just tickets to the theater

The new site is also much richer with content now. On every page, you’ll see a feed of all the stories behind the stories we tell on stage at Woolly: Medium posts, videos, teasers for special events, and selected long-reads.

And we aren’t done, either. There are new features in store that are going to revolutionize — no exaggeration — how groups of people get together to go see a play.

Coming soon:

  • Exchange tickets
  • Book seats through your Six-Pack

Stay tuned for more!