The Taylor Mac YouTube Rabbit Hole

From Taylor Mac’s “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music”

Woolly fans — did you know that Taylor Mac’s subversively stunning take on a living room drama Hir is coming to our stage in just a matter of days? The only problem is, we can’t wait that long. So here we are, kicking off the weekend with a deep dive into the clips and snippets of shows featuring Taylor on YouTube. Join us in as we take in the gorgeous sensory overload that is the TM aesthetic via our computer screens, and if you haven’t gotten tickets to Hir yet, just click here and do it already!

Here’s “After the Ball,” a classic-ish waltz from the 1890s contextualized for modern times by Taylor in humorous and fabulous fashion!

Taylor and ukulele = perfect combination. “But I Loved Him” is a tragicomic musing on the disconnect between dreams and reality — this performance is from the SoHo Theatre in London, 2007.

Ziggy played guitar! We still miss the Starman himself, but it’s pretty clear that Bowie would be proud of Taylor’s rendition here, from 2011.

This one’s an oldie but a goodie — a Dolly Parton classic re-envisioned with an almost hauntingly minimalist, stripped down approach.

Mash-up time! Did you ever think you’d hear LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” performed to the tune of Erik Satie’s piano composition “Gymnopedie №1?” Well, now you have!

A barnstorming take on “Kiss Me Through the Phone” from 2009, showcasing Taylor’s banjo skills — how many instruments does judy play anyway?

No words for this one — just eat your heart out, Mr. Diamond.

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