Woolly Staff Post: A Hard Storm’s Gonna Fall

For this round of our staff post series, we asked a few Woolly folks to batten down the hatches and tell us about their most memorable storm experiences. Nature: it can happen to you!

Amelia Stanley — Associate Director of Development

Amelia in the blizzard!

In January 1996, I turned 11. There was a blizzard two days before my birthday, rendering Bethesda completely debilitated. School was closed for over a week (followed by a few weeks of delayed openings), the streets were a disaster, and worst of all, we had to cancel my birthday sleepover! I have vivid memory of my dad and I cross-country skiing to the grocery store in an effort to buy milk and pancake-making supplies. I’m pretty sure our power (and therefore heat) was out for a day or two as well. Needless to say, it was a brrrrrrry big storm (see what I did there???).

Sarah Peterson — Donor Engagement and Special Events Associate

I used to love watching lightening storms from my front porch with my family when I was little. Then one day as we were watching, a huge lightening bolt hit the chimney of the house across the street! Bricks flew everywhere! Let’s just say I’m no longer a fan of lightening storms.

Olivia Haller — Producer-in-Residence

For some reason, I vividly remember this one storm from when I was about 4 years old. I was over at a friend’s house when a weatherman announced that a tornado warning was in effect. My friend’s mom brought us all down to the basement and told us to stay there until the storm passed. I remember learning the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning, and being actually a little bit thrilled when the warning took effect.

There was something scary and cozy all at once about being downstairs weathering the storm with my friend, like we were on a real adventure. We only ended up staying in the basement for like half an hour, and we weren’t so scared that we stopped playing, but there was a real sense that big things were happening in the world that we got to be a part of.

Dani Barlow — Executive Assistant

Senior year of college there was a huge storm that hit the East Coast. We were told to stay put in our housing so my friend and I moved our beds out of our rooms and into the living room for the longest and most memorable sleepover ever. We thought if the house was going to fall down, we might as well be together.

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