Top 5 Sites for Comparing Colleges

You’ve picked out your favorite colleges (maybe you even got that acceptance letter!) now how do you choose which college to go to? These college websites will make side-by-side comparison a breeze.


Collegeboard has a special tool for comparing up to 3 colleges. The interface is nice and you can see basic college info at a glance. However, it only shows basic information.

Collegeboard has a great, simple interface for comparing colleges based on their stats.

US News

US News has one of the most featured college comparison. What really stands out is the access to information like rankings, high school GPA, post-college salary information and campus safety stats. They also feature some nice graphics for visualizing different ratios and percentages. The tool lets you see up to 3 colleges at a time.

US News features a ton of information about rankings, salaries, and safety.

Unfortunately, you have to pay for the US News College Compass to get access to some of the information. At the time of writing this is priced at around $40/year. That might be worth it if you’re shelling out $100,000+ for college!

One downside, you have to pay for some of it!


CollegeAI has two comparison tools. The “head-to-head tool” lets you compare two colleges at a time and get a ton of information, but without any fancy graphics.

CollegeAI’s Head to Head Compare Tool has a ton of information, but no fancy visualizations.

CollegeAI makes up for it in their “multi-college compare tool”, which gives a rich visualization and explanations for any number of colleges. It has rankings for best value, different major rankings (e.g. rankings for which is best school for economics), professor quality and a ton of other rankings and stats.

CollegeAI gives a solid visualization including a detailed explanation for each school.

However, to use CollegeAI, you have to fill in their questionaire. The questionaire only takes about 5 minutes, the questions are used to limit rankings to things you’re interested in (your major, whether or not you like partying and a bunch of other factors).

Part of CollegeAI’s 5 minute survey.


Parchment doesn’t let you compare college information, but is definitely worth a mention because it offers this great tool that tells you statistically which colleges students tend to choose to attend. Put in the colleges you’re thinking about applying to, the results might surprise you!

Parchment tells you which college students tend to choose.

College Scorecard

Colleges have to report information directly to the government, so you can trust the government to have correct information. This site is released directly by the U.S. Department of Education and allows you to compare as many colleges as you want.

College Scorecard comparison has simple bar charts and common stats.

The government can’t pick favorites, so Scorecard doesn’t have any rankings.

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Good luck with your college decision!

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