2015 College Football Predictions

I will start with my final four and champ predictions, with the conference division and conference champs listed below:

College Football Playoffs:

  1. Auburn
  2. Ohio State
  3. Arizona State
  4. Clemson

Final: Auburn over Arizona State


Division Winners: Atlantic: Clemson. Coastal: Miami.
ACC Champ: Clemson


Division Winners: East: UCONN West: SMU
American Champ: UCONN

Big 12

Champ: TCU

Big Ten

Division Winners: East: Ohio State West: Minnesota
Big Ten Champ: Ohio State


Division Winners: East: Western Kentucky West: Rice
C-USA Champ: Western Kentucky


Division Winners: East: Ohio West: Toledo
MAC Champ: Ohio

Mountain West

Division Winners: Mountain: Boise State West: San Diego State
Mountain West Champ: Boise State


Division Winners: North: Stanford South: Arizona State
Pac-12 Champ: Arizona State


Division Winners: East: Missouri West: Auburn
SEC Champ: Auburn

Sun Belt

Champ: Georgia Southern

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