NOW: a 24 hour zine

As members of the contemporary work place, we spend a lot of time in front of the computer. But what do we lose when we’re so immersed in the realm of digital where things can be so easily edited, removed, copied, pasted? What would happen if we used our hands to write, create, shape in physical spaces? What would manifest if we stopped from typing the perfect sentence to instead express ourselves in a spontaneous moment of creation? And what if we could share that creation in that physical world? What might that look like?

Spreads from NOW

Baked into enso’s DNA has been the ethos to grow, evolve and adapt to meet the needs of the world and to create impact at scale. As we hit our five year birthday, we wanted to take a beat, reflect and re-articulate our core raison d’être and how we want to propel into the future. We started with a series of intimate dinners across the entire team, culminating in a two day offsite for a small group of ensonians. We spent the first day at The Underground Museum, defining and working through our Shared Mission philosophy and model, then spent the second day physically expressing our identity in a raw, unvarnished and soulful way.

With our friends at Paper Chase Press, a LA-family owned printing company, we created a process to create (and print!) a zine in 24 hours. Through a series of guided creative provocations, we imagined ways to think about who we are and how we are becoming, resulting in a physical, almost immediate object — a zine. We were drawn to zines because their role in being an emotional reflection of the community it represents. We loved the punk legacy and it gave us the permission to be irreverent and messy. We painted our hands, ripped up images, wrote poetry, tore out pages, repeated mantras, added gold, occupied a blank canvas and ate our values. We stitched it all together to be shared to the rest of the team — a physical reminder and poetic roadmap.

Thanks to the lovely folks at Paper Chase Press for making this happen.

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