Our (Ongoing) Election Day Hangover

An Agency’s Expression Through Collage

The importance of the 2018 midterm elections could not be overstated. As Tuesday morning approached, voters across the country turned up in record numbers, eager to cast their votes amidst the cultural and political pervasiveness of ‘Trumpism’. Voters proudly displayed “I Voted” stickers, and in many instances dutifully waited in long lines at polling stations hours after the polls had closed. Election coverage occupied screens in offices across the country and speculation of the potential outcomes dominated conversations. On the day of the most divisive midterm election in 21st century America, feelings of hope and concern, excitement and anxiety, jostled within the collective consciousness of the nation.

What is one to do with all that frenetic voting day energy? There are many answers to that question, but as a creative impact agency, enso decided to use our creative prowess to make some art. On Election Day, we chose to express our thoughts and emotions through collage.

Why collage?

Collage is a powerful medium for artistic expression, particularly during times of cultural division and emotional turmoil.

Collage conveys cultural context.

Collage communicates an emotion, action or message.

Collage allows for various interpretation.

Collage is an accessible and simple form of expression — often made by using everyday or found objects.

Collage sparks inspiration and incites dialogue.

Here are some of the pieces that our team created on Election Day 2018. If you’re inspired to channel your own post-election energy, take a look at Seth Apter’s five principles of collage for some helpful tips to get you started.

Collage by Girolama Bui
Collage by Tynessa Jue
Collages by Michelle Stewart
Collage by Sarah Chung
Collage by Berna Dikicioglu
Collage by Michelle Murphy
Collage by Kevin Liangcy
Collage by Lauren Batcheck
Collage by Stephanie Phoutrides
Collage by Jules Barbera
Collage by Jimmy Greenway

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