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Obama and love them, and so should you - Demo Day.

Why game-changers attend Demo Day

The White House has one. rocks them. The Duke of York took his first ‘Royal’ selfie at one, throwing in the phrases MVP and Product Market Fit along with the rest of us regulars. Yup, Demo Day is the (almost) Oscars of the tech world. And our 4th one is less than a week away. So what can you expect at ours?

Foremost, it’s an efficient way to scan the horizon to see what technology is being built and get ideas from the pioneering (read: brave) brands that are using them. But you know that. What you know but forget, is that it’s an opportunity to be around people who will encourage and inspire you to take action. To actually do, rather than just talk about doing.

So what makes our Demo Day? First, we get a sufficiently hip space in East London, (thank you DigitasLbi). We take 8 hours worth of inspiration and compress it into 2, keeping it punchy. We’ll kick off with some talks to get you thinking; innovation and technology is changing the landscape, but how do you harness its power? Good question, and I’ll let some pioneering brands answer that on the day.

Next, we bring in the startups. These aren’t just any startups. Oh no. These are 7 startups who have fought off stiff competition from 263 ‘others’ to receive 50k so that they can live and breathe and test their products. On Demo Day they have 5 minutes to show you how they’re changing the world…and are they? I’ll let you be the judge.

Demo Day 2015

Finally, we bring in shed loads of atmosphere. This is about getting the right people, like you, in the room so that you can be inspired together and share ideas (and hard luck stories about your measley ‘innovation’ budget). You’ll listen, you’ll clap, you’ll cheer, and you’ll vote.

After the pitches, we bring out the bubbles and help you meet interesting, switched-on, curious, pioneering people — just like you. You’ll end up with a handful of swapped cards and a heart full of inspired thoughts.

And who are you exactly? See below for my cheeky analysis of who ‘you’ will be in the room on the 22nd.

The truth is, you’re the key to this all. You’re the people who can support, scale, and grow this technology. No matter what your role or budget for innovation is right now — it’s your willingness to speak up and ask for the resources that you need from your company. It’s your willingness to take a ‘risk’ on a sparky startup that might just be a catalyst for small but incremental change. The future is literally in your digital hands. Demo Day will be so damn awesome because of you. 6 days and counting. We can’t wait.


200 Awesome Attendees who know that the digital landscape is changing

100 Pioneering People who are committed to action

50 Energizing Entrepreneurs

20 Great Game-Changers of Madtech (some don’t know it yet)

10 Sassy Collider Superstars

5 Fantastic Finance and Legal Startup Specialists

3 Cool Collider Co-founders

2 Fabulous Film Crew

1 Burning Ambition (to make London the capital of Madtech)

*According to me.

p.s. Apologies for the Awesome Alliteration. It amuses me.