JSConf Colombia’s Grand Finale

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Celebrating a Decade of Community, Innovation, and Impact

La ultima, y nos vamos.

Hola, gente of the JavaScript world! Time to mark your calendars for a special date — the final call of JSConf Colombia. We’re celebrating a decade of JavaScript community, diversity, and innovation. More than a conference, this is a fiesta; you’re our honored guests.

A Decade of Innovation

Over the past ten years, we’ve been more than a space for sharing code and exploring the latest trends. Our vision was to foster a world-class JavaScript community in Colombia, which we have seen come to life in a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive hub. We’ve demonstrated to the world the dynamism and talent of the Colombian JavaScript community. Despite the regional challenges and reduced budgets, we have continuously innovated to make our event inclusive and full of opportunities.

For example, unique initiatives set us apart:

  • In all our past events, 30% of our tickets were reserved for opportunity scholarships, and we covered stay and travel costs.
  • In addition to covering full speaker costs, we offered childcare or companion travel to new parents.
  • We actively worked to change the makeup of our speaker lineup, prioritizing the representation of our region and its diversity, last edition’s lineup is proof.

We’ve been committed to breaking down barriers, promoting accessibility, and creating a space that champions diversity.

The Grand Finale

As we close out this incredible decade-long journey, we’re going bigger and bolder than ever. We’re doubling our capacity to 1,000 participants and going all out to make this an unforgettable experience while also making it the cheapest JSConf in history (that we know off).

Mark Your Calendars:

Here’s your need-to-know for the ticket rush:

  • Monday, July 17th, noon ET: 300 Regular tickets go live at just $12.
  • Monday, Aug 1st: Grab another chance for 300 Regular tickets at $12.
  • Monday, Aug 14th: Don’t miss out on 100 Late Bird tickets for $15.

These tickets are your passport to the most vibrant JavaScript gathering of the year, and you can find them at jsconf.co.

Call for Sponsors

We’re also reaching out to potential sponsors. Our conference has always been about community, resilience, and growth. If your company resonates with these values, this is your chance. Join us as a sponsor for this grand event, and let’s make it a moment to remember.

JSConf Colombia is not just a conference; it’s a celebration. One that is a testament to the power of unity, knowledge, and passion. So, join us. Let’s make this grand finale truly unforgettable.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact sponsors@jsconf.co, and we’ll make something great happen together.

Nos vemos en la última,

JSConf Colombia Crew

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