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Does a World Series Victory REALLY matter?

Let me start by saying I appreciate what athletes can do.

I appreciate the God given gift and abilities the male and female athlete possess. However, I am fully convinced it is time to stop living and in some cases dying through our beloved athletes.

In the moments following Chicago’s World Series win I’ve encountered statements like “There is no feeling that compares to this.” That was not a player, coach, or executive.

At the time I started writing this I was sitting in a coffeeshop. A man walked in and was greeted by the barista, to which he replied “The Cubs won the World Series last night, It’s going to be a great day.”

When asked by that same barista “How are you today sir?” Another customer replies “I could not be better, the Cubs won.”

(We don’t even live in Chicago.)

It has been reported that somewhere in the ballpark[;)] of five million people showed up to celebrate their championship victory.

When I think about these things and the images we have seen of tears, rage, rioting, and violence that can surround a people’s relationship to a sports team, I find myself thinking “really?”

Is there really no feeling that compares your team winning a GAME?

Could you really not be any better as a result of a positive statistic, or in this case four?

Did five million people really just show up to celebrate something that is adding no long term value to their lives?

I desire to take nothing away from the Cubs, their fans, nor the city of Chicago. In fact, this is not unique to baseball, the NFL, NCAA, NBA, and NHL are all performing poorly in promotion as well. I have more questions.

Is any sporting event really important enough to lead individuals down a path of decision making that may bring destruction?

Is it really acceptable to deem people less worthy in the name of allegiance? Owns this image.

Are these organizations really bringing in billions of dollars from their respective communities only to see the amount reciprocated missing a few zeroes?

Are professional athletes really that careless about the role they play in society as a whole and their obligation to particular communities? Are they really not aware of the detrimental effects of extreme fandom?

In a time where communities are struggling on a domestic and global level are we really making progress blocking out whole days for entertainment?

Is your relationship with your team really more important than caring for your family, finances or being aware of the state of your moral compass?

What about the guy(or gal) living on the same streets being paraded upon?Really?

Are we really willing to settle for membership into something that does not and cannot truly satisfy? Membership that delivers no incentive beside Instagram picks, memorabilia, kiss cams, high fives, damaged vocal chords, questionable beef and barley consumption, and seven months bragging rights? Really?

Do you really not matter to your beloved ______’s as much as they matter to you? Is that really good enough for you?

Apparently so.