Generation to Generation

By Bishop Rob O’Neill and The Reverend Brooks Keith

In the Kingdom of God, every moment is completely new and charged with divine possibilities. This is our opportunity — not to build a “church camp” based on some idealized past, but to look forward with a new and renewed vision. We have an opportunity to get outside of ourselves and to reach out to people of all backgrounds, whoever they are, wherever they may be, and whatever circumstance they may be facing — to offer a substantive and robust Christian faith (indeed our inheritance), which helps meet the very real challenges of our world; to equip people with that inner life in the Holy Spirit and with leadership skills that they can faithfully draw upon and put to work in their communities; and then to stand alongside them, learning with them and allowing them to challenge and inspire us, experiencing ever more deeply a living relationship with Jesus, so that together we can serve ever more faithfully as God’s ambassadors to help share God’s peace in this world.

It is a vision worth embracing. It is, in our time, the most needed and important work of evangelism that we can undertake.

The Episcopal Church in Colorado is going “all in” with the heart of the next generation. Although our Generation to Generation capital campaign requires real resources to help us renovate buildings and expand facilities, the actual goal is nothing less than the divine transformation of hearts and lives, ours and others, for the sake of God’s Kingdom where Christ’s absolute love reigns absolutely, here and now.

The right gift at precisely the right time!

The generosity, passion, and support of Episcopalians in Colorado continues to arrive at exactly the right moment, ensuring the steady and growing progress of our shared Generation to Generation capital campaign for Cathedral Ridge. We have encouraging figures to share with you! By gift or pledge, we have received $1,205,000 in total commitments toward our campaign-completion goal of $5 million. This total includes congregational pledges from 58 of our 99 reporting congregations throughout Colorado in amounts ranging from $100 to $150,000. Many of our most sacrificial gifts have come from our most modest congregational families! We remain engaged with the 38 congregations who have not yet made a formal pledge, including several of our larger congregations, and we are working diligently to bring these potential pledges in as soon as possible. This total amount also includes a generous gift from the Denver-based Daniels Fund as we continue to solicit familiar Colorado foundations alongside the congregational conversations we are concurrently having.

These numbers convey only part of the unfolding, evolving campaign. The Campaign Steering Committee gratefully acknowledges the hospitality of clergy and vestry leaders who host our teams during site visits. Through these visits, we have heard and seen so much of your lives, leadership, and servant ministries at work! Perhaps most touching is how you pray over, with, and for each other as you serve the Body of Christ, and include us in your prayers also. It is our privilege to partner with you in building up the Body of Christ through our common asset and place that is Cathedral Ridge. 
Please continue to pray for our successful completion of this campaign, and we will continue to update you as we progress toward success. Thanks and God bless you!

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