The Hastings Mine Disaster of April 1917

As featured in “The One-Chance Men: The Hastings Mine Disaster of 1917,” by Eric L. Clements, Colorado Heritage, Spring 2017

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An aerial view shows the coal camp of Hastings and its tipple, washer, and screening plant. Company houses line the road that cuts east through the canyon toward Ludlow. 20004914
The Evening Picketwire (Trinidad), April 27, 1917
The Chronicle-News (Trinidad), April 27, 1917
The Evening Picketwire (Trinidad), April 28, 1917
The Chronicle-News (Trinidad), April 28, 1917
Mine inspector David H. Reese inadvertently caused the explosion. Rocky Mountain News, April 29, 1917.
The Chronicle-News (Trinidad), May 10, 1917
The Chronicle-News (Trinidad), May 16, 1917
Maps of the Hastings explosion and details of the 7th north and south entries appeared in Francis Rizzari, “Colorado’s Underground Inferno,” Denver Westerners’ Roundup, April 1968. U.S. Bureau of Mines.
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