The tune for this summer — audio filters

Hello again from the Wire news room. Even though it’s a hot summer out there, we have been busy making our app the most modern, private communications tool available for anyone.

Today, we are happy to introduce an addition we think is one-of-a-kind for any messaging app — filters for audio messages.

At Wire, we have always taken audio very seriously. We have excellent call quality for both 1:1 and group calls. Wire group calls on mobile offer virtual stereo — plug in your headphones and you’ll hear different speakers right or left from you, which makes it easier to distinguish who’s talking.

After launching audio messages about a month ago, the idea of modifying them with quirky filters was something that the team immediately loved. Our audio engineers rolled up their sleeves and started working on ways to change your voice. The result is something we’ve been having a lot of fun with. In the latest version of Wire for iOS or Android you can record an audio message and then choose between 7 filters to apply before sending.

Here are the filters.

And here’s a little demo.

We really love this feature and have been sending audio messages like crazy. Now it’s your turn — we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

That is not all, though. The latest release of Wire apps packs a a few more things.

Location sharing

Sharing your location was released for Wire for Android two weeks ago, and we are happy to report that it is now also available for iPhone users. We have received a lot of great feedback about it. People use it to give directions or to share their whereabouts with friends when meeting up.

Based on your feedback we’re working on further improving this feature by adding address search.

Large emojis

One more thing. No one wants to wait until the autumn to get larger emojis. So in this version of Wire, they’re larger than ever.

As usual, we’re always looking forward to your questions and feedback. @Wire on Twitter and our customer support site are the best places to reach us.

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