Arrival — The Heptapod B Review

My review is short, and simple. I walked out of the film in a kind of euphoric trance. From the first seventh of the film, I began to see in ways that I could not imagine. That my consciousness, my perception — was beginning to free itself. From time.

Then I wrote this review. But actually, I wrote this review before the movie was released. This is the very first science fiction film that correctly models the most likely alien encounter — the resources of our Earth not great enough to constitute a mining resource for those darker races traversing the continuum.

I’m driving down the road in a yellow 1962 Ford Galaxie. The wheel feels good in my hand. These cars are designed for ventilation.

And then I’m here.

This film deserves to be seen again. And again. And again… And I will. And it will still be part of this review.

But if you arrive here…

Taking apart the sound spectrum we hear, at the peaks — the following top and bottom mel based cepstrum. Read off the peaks. America, for some reason, will get peak number two. A spacecraft will appear above Helena, Montana.

Lat.        Long.        Location              # (as listed on input screen)
44.617033, 37.891752 Novorossiysk, Russia 10
-31.825835, 111.021420 Indian Ocean 3
71.097864, -25.4444027 Kujaileq, Greenland 1
76.376013, 105.354644 Siberia, Russia 12
42.973089, 144.387049 Hokkaido, Japan 6
7.885110, -11.177800 Kenema, Sierra Leone 8
31.123145, 122.739990 Shanghai, China 7
10.250438, -67.587785 Maracay, Venezuela 5
46.533772, -106.670380 Montana, USA 2
50.347368, -3.566436 Devon, UK 11
15.688487, 32.384589 Khartoum, Sudan 9
28.666585, 70.658419 Punjab, Pakistan 4

When you proceed further you will discover the location of the dropbox, access of which has been granted to you through this link.:

You are hereby enlisted by the military to communicate with a race of aliens, known as heptapods (due to their 7-pointed radially symmetrical appearance), after they initiate first contact with humanity. There are remembrances of your daughter. Please separate your personal and private life.

The heptapods have two distinct forms of language. Heptapod A is their spoken language, which is described as having free word order and many levels of center-embedded clauses. Understanding Heptapod B, the written language of the aliens, is central to the plot. Unlike its spoken counterpart, Heptapod B has such complex structure that a single semantic symbol cannot be excluded without changing the entire meaning of a sentence.

When writing in Heptapod B, the writer knows how the sentence will end. The phenomenon of Heptapod B is explained by the aliens’ understanding of mathematics and Fermat’s principle of least time.

Your understanding of the heptapods’ writing system affects way you will perceive time and suggests a deterministic universe where free will is exercised by not affecting the outcome of events. This reflected by tense used in the story’s writing: a small portion of the story, at the beginning and the end, is written in the present tense, indicating that the story is being written at the time of the daughter’s conception. The sections describing the interactions with the Heptapods is written in the past tense. The sections describing your daughter’s life — from birth to death and beyond — are written as your remembrances that nonetheless describes using the future tense, because learning Heptapod B enables you to know your daughter’s entire life even before you agree to conceive her.

Type the GPS coordinates as a pair. Latitude, longitude.

We are now on the eve of their arrival. You are reading this story in context. Consider carefully our previous review, and the discussion of worlds in terms of the multiverse.

Consider the shadow upon the wall, let’s call her Mallory Knox. A projection.

To those of the higher order multiverse — Time manifolds would be a subdimensional projection from a higher order geometry. The human Garrett Lisi has been exploring these symmetries although his mathematical treatment needs to account a various set of errors at time of writing. Your mission is to complete this work. The fabric of spacetime, its maintenance and containment would be not unlike the two dimensional paper we lay on our desk, to work out our thoughts. We have mastered four dimensions, in one vector of it (strong forward). We write upon paper our thoughts. But what if something didn’t make sense? We are likely in a 16 dimensional universe — our first explorers would be within the 8 dimensional manifold. It would be exponentially more difficult for 16 tier to traverse to us . Gravity, like time, would have two signs and would symmetrically consist of Gravity and Anti Gravity. This explains the ability of the people during “The Show” to be able to walk on the ceiling. It also goes a long way to explain the missing matter of the universe and our ability to see fractal dimension even in this universe. So, eight dimensions means that on each axis, exists one new one. Just as a square goes orthogonal to a line, two lines meeting at 90 degrees, internal sum of all angles 360.

You must discover why they are here. And resolve the differences of perception. We question your sanity and our trust in you is degraded. But we know you have the skill.

Dropbox account for project centaur, hacked and available for your use.