The American Reich

Trump is not a Nazi. Nor are his supporters. But …consider this timeline.

1. Ernst Roehm behind the scenes. Lays the foundation for a new party. 
 2. November 6. 1932. Nazis lose by 2 million popular votes.
 3. November 8, 1932. Nazis move to a coalition.
 4. Economic distress powers the brexit-like rise of the party.
 5. A weakened Hindenburg appoints their leader Chancellor.
 6. The leader promises to Make Germany Great. Again.
 7. Feb. 27, 1933. Reichstag destroyed by Nazis.
 8. Feb. 27, 1933. Nazis blame Socialists.
 9. Leader assumes Patriot Act style Power.
 10. Mar. 5, 1933. Nazis still fail to win majority.
 11. Leader introduces a bill to give him more power.
 12. Without majority, they arrest Socialists. Claim the vote rigged.
 13. Bill passes with opposition in jail. Lock her up.
 14. Jun 30, 1934. The night of the long knives. Eating their own.
 15. Ernst Roehm — Senior Advisor. Gay. Murdered. 
 16. The Military swears allegiance to its leader.

This is a timeline for the centralization of power. To the point where the leader can do whatever he wants. Because he has star power. Right? What if we listen to the story that is being whispered.

Nazis are not everywhere. Neither is the 1 percent. They hide in the shadows, destroy things -and blame it on their enemy. The march toward the night of the long knives is powered by the party leadership reinforcing a police state. A common argument levelled against the party — that it is somehow socialist, and liberal, is refuted by their overt use of the police state to murder, imprison, and silence the free press and their enemies. Whether or not ideologues, they are criminal. Murder is used freely, claiming , finally, its leader — Ernst Roehm. His work is transferred to his leader by his death. In turn, he makes a cabinet appointment of an extremely weak candidate to take over. For a reason. Centralization.

All police power is centralized. A surveillance state is established.
 An attempt is made to banish the memory of the architect of the party , Roehm — a man very similiar in nature and action to the modern day architect of the 21st century ‘movement’ that continues to purvey heavily distorted news feeds to the faithful. Being so close to the real power center, his removal comes only at the very end. This was the endgame. Power was then centralized to the single man who promised to fix everything, a hero figure. The murders were legitimized by a law passed called “The Law Regarding Measures of the State Self Defense”. Much like modern social media platforms — news, laws and actions were put forth to the German people directly, in an effort to bypass the scrutiny of whatever was left of the free press. The men who were purged in this fashion died as a result of being accused of participation in a vague conspiracy that had no legitimate basis in fact. An attempt was made to erase those who had been members of this inner circle, the 1933 film — “Victory of Faith” in which Roehm appeared, was ordered to be destroyed — this film, others, and many books were lovingly thrown into the fire. With careful hands, a single copy of the film survived in a London Warehouse and was discovered in 1990.

It is at this point that one’s religion is now tested, and if you are found to be of the wrong religion — you are sent to concentration camps. The real reason for the religious test is to find those individuals whose property can be legally stolen by a sort of eminent domain, similiar to the law used by a certain real estate developer in New Jersey — who paid lawyers and bribed the New Jersey Government to use the law to force an elderly woman to yield her home to that developer so that he could be razed for a parking lot for his limo. She had requested a fair market value for the home, but the developer found he could save 100,000.00 if he used the law to force her to give him the property. So too, with these displaced individuals who had, not in-coincidentally, ties to the banking community. And thus a resource that the party had been attempting to acquire through their use of dark tactic leaves its mark upon the tree, with a heart around it. You, and blame. Forever.

The modern day presence of religious test follows a similiar resource play, by the ten percent kill rate of the drone attacks launched on certain targets strategically located in the oil producing region — that has systematically been painted across the map in direct correlation to the presence of that oil. Since 90 percent of the targets that are killed are in fact, civilian — the leadership present and future plan utilize religious tests as a means of enemy identification, in an effort to explain why children are being murdered. They are muslim. Therefore they were enemy combatants. This is done in a cynical fashion, as the drone execution orders are now under the command of the centralized power of a unitary executive, under the black operation rules that prohibit or severely limit the press and their ability to report upon them. Any such images leaked show , always, the sinister presence of those who would be identified by their religion. And a mustache that’s too hot for TV.

Viewpoints that disagreed with this leader or his inner circle were vigorously attacked. The media was often referred to as corrupt, crooked. In the spring of 1933, literature that was thought to be against the guidelines of this new, vibrant business, economic and social movement were systematically burned. Feel the warmth yet?

Those who escaped, salvaged the works of such banned authors as Albert Einstein. The small underground army delivered aid, rescue and spiritual resistance. On August 4, 1944, one such home was raided and the young girl that lived there was sent to a place where she could then work to become free. She died there.

A man named Schindler moves 1,000 jobs south , paying bribes to do so — and ultimately keeping his workers safe from the operation of the new government. he does this by falsifying registrations that were used in the centralized system designed to control those who lived in the control. Thanks to this man, these 1,000 who would not pass a religious test — stay there until the end of that government, which was finally brought down by attack. These survivors remember him, and his memory brings to us the echo of a great soul that once walked the earth.

Nazis are not everywhere. They’re in the dark. They are the direct consequence of the polemicization of our political discourse arising out of the polarization of our political culture. These members of this “movement” deliver their ideas into cyberspace. The idea that they are all Nazis, or that Naziism is everywhere — is a false comparison. Most are, aphid-like simply citizens seeking change and believing themselves to be part of a movement. They are mined carefully using targetted , million dollar social strategies. They are misled. Lying, to these people — is just a deeper form of truth. But they are just people who think someone saying “you’re fired” is funny and cute and they trust. Where perhaps, I feel a sense wonder they feel a sense of certainty. We are not that far apart.

However, the real story is not the rise of that dark money elite, or their eventual arc to power — but rather the fact of its continued rise and its effect on the commons — the spaces where people gather to discuss, and to share. Capitalism has achieved, amongst these people — a cult status , and their leader is one who can do no wrong. A hero figure. This cult following is rooted in a kind of “sucker born every minute” American appreciation for the audacious and the daring. The aura of success. The man. The myth. The bullshit story floated in your news feed that nobody ever checked.

This. Despite the fact that ideas are essentially communal, or that cyberspace itself is essentially libertarian. Despite the fact that banner or bannon ads suck ass equally. Despite the fact that everyone’s sick of Corporations controlling everything and getting this bizarre form of welfare that demonizes the lowest of us while ripping them off at the same time -enriching corporations and the very elite to almost unimaginable wealth that seems to glow like a dangled light in Marianas depths. In many ways the enemy wages a campaign of violence against the exchange of idea to the closing of the American commons, not yet violence against human beings — but rather smashing us into a myriad of small creatures tied to the ground and consigned to a life of slow decay while they glow — the hallmark of the rise to power of the dark money elite.

There exists still a chance that the sleepwalking Trump supporters will figure things out. There are only modestly monstrous plans being laid into place, and the central leader in our country does not openly act as an ideologue. They cheer him on, in half empty victory halls where he strokes his ego and delivers his amazing pronouncements. Where he demonizes his enemies. It’s exciting, and fun. A chance to be yourself.

And so, as always, our fate rests with democracy and our fellow man. Should we fail to unite as a country — Bernie person alongside Hillary alongside Jill alongside Gary alongside Trump person — then we are guaranteed the exact attributes that the entire world despises in America — the greed, the lack of empathy, the endless over the top response to almost everything, the use of miltary power to further the interests of the business and military industrial complex, and corruption — will be telegraphed to our enemies.

So while the comparisons of the resultant structure of the third Reich are discarded once this great scam is achieved, even this is not a dark moment in American history. It is simply a bright moment for our enemies. A chance to move in and fuck with us endlessly, whether through cyberwar or under the table maneuver while our presidency is held hostage to the cult of capitalism and for-profit operation. A chance to take advantage of a country that has lost its way, and will remain deeply divided. A handover of the reigns of power openly to those who have remained in the shadows while the beacon of democracy is quietly extinguished.

Although the rise to power of this current circle of dark money elites can be easily understood through parallels of the rise to power of the Nazis … the actual malignant operation of this new boss — same as the old boss — wrests itself from the cult of capitalism and not some kind of racially pure ideology. Fascists start in the dark, but so too the dark money elite. The parallel to “Nazi’s Everywhere” ends in campaign. The current administration is liken to an oligarchy, perhaps a kleptocracy. New boss. Same as the old boss.
 There are no grand plans for world domination. Simply. Self enrichment. The future will mirror the major and recent financial maneuvers of our country -corporate welfare — crony capitalism , and very little moral compass save what rests upon the altar of a blind cult of capitalism and failed economic policies . In short, unlike the Nazis.. the plans don’t include you. We get to live so that they can feed on us.

We’re so happy we can hardly count.