The Presidential Confession —

I think I can make a quick point about the press conference, that might be worth following up. Maybe even better than how he almost referred to his wife as “ She was always the highest quality that you’ll ever find” as if she was a mail order Russian Bride.

Most of us who watched the press conference held by our President today spoke of the statements made in general terms, some were shocked by the bizarre behavior however I would like to point out one crucial fact that came out in course of the conference: The President Confessed to Being In Contact With Vladimir Putin.

Here’s how. He was asked, early in the conference — if he or any of his campaign aides had contact with the Russian Intelligence during the election. His answer, like the Russians — was to deny it but the specific denial was :

“I’ve only had two phone calls from Vladimir Putin. One at my election, and one on my inauguration.”

This will turn out to be a key statement. Later, in the course of the 1 hour 15 minute conference, he is asked the following question — by the BBC, or shortly thereafter “ I was just hoping that we could get a yes or no answer on one of these questions involving Russia...” and he continually evades the question until he says not that he wouldn’t speak to Russia, and

“I spoke to him a few days ago”

Full stop. The President of the United States just admitted to being in contact with the Russian war criminal Vladimir Putin. If you look at the wording he put at the end of this statement, he tries to backtrack. Our president is a fraud. He knows he’s lying, and he makes stuff up as he goes — and when he reveals something he tries to hide it.

But this contact was outside of the normal diplomatic circles and is certainly not one of the only two calls that he claimed to have had with Putin. If you look at the rest of the answer — you get a combative tone that seems to say “you already know I made more calls to Vladimir Putin than two, because it’s all classified, but so what. I’ll make as many calls as I want and I’ll talk to him whenever I want”.

The tone. It’s just so much. Hate. So much anger.

We know the President insists in keeping nonsecure means of communication about top secret matters open. He uses an insecure, outdated cellphone — he maintains contact with his New York Office and spends his weekends at Resorts in Florida. We know for a fact, that he held a top secret briefing there before an entire restaurant full of civilians and people without top security clearance. Further, we know that he encouraged people in his group and at that meeting, held in broad view of the public — to turn on cellphones and use them to light the pages seen. None of the phones in question were confiscated, as such it is a distinct possibility the top secret documents in question were photographed, particularly given the fact that bright flash was used.

However, it is now clear that the insecure lines he maintains and his strange, extended security setup has a rational purpose: to allow covert communication with the Russian government.

In late December of 2016, a spokesman for the President Elect made a call to Russia to warn them of impending sanctions, and requested they delay their response. But this also gave the Russians ample time to clean the machines they used from the embassies within the United States we identified to have played a role in hacking our electoral process and undermining voters and the election. The day after the sanctions were imposed, Putin responded that he would not act against them in direct response. The President then praised Vladimir Putin for the delay, calling him smart.

This indicates that Flynn, who was forced to resign for such malfeasance — had an active and as yet unnamed co conspirator. This person is Donald John Trump.

And he just admitted it.