Victory: 100 Day Achievement Unlocked

This is the 100 day mark of a sitting president and his administration, and it’s a good one. For you.

You rose up. You delivered. You found your voice. You marched in numbers our country has not seen in decades. You spoke to your congressional representative. And your senator. You participated in Town Halls.

And here’s your achievement, unlocked: You reversed, halted and stopped in its tracks a completely unconstitutional action of a creature of a foreign power — helping innocent , huddled masses to breathe free and make it to our shore. This action alone demonstrated your greatness — America remains a place where people can go to be free. This was a defense of the United States Constitution against an outright attack. A complete success.

And here’s another achievement, unlocked: You helped to strengthen public journalism — reporters all over America are working to a higher standard. You helped them to make their job stronger, and better. Reporters that were thwarted by billionaire class countermeasures are now chipping at the defenses of the oligarchy — and we’re starting to learn how they operate. For the first time in decades, your demand for better information has sent a signal to the press corps to up their game. And they have. The free press is essential to democracy. The puerile attempts by a creature of a foreign power to subvert the honest relationship between a people and their government through objective reporting — has been halted, arming yourself against dishonesty. Congratulations.

You also saw the appointment of a supreme court Justice, and this was done not by the sitting president but by a group of you — conservative in your leaning, that decided a decision such as this must not be left to a demagogue. As a group, fighting for smaller, better and more efficient government — you had the Heritage Foundation propose and vet a strong candidate to the United States Supreme Court. This is a major accomplishment, and the character and quorum of our highest court is preserved, by appointment of a man whose mother once ran the EPA. And to be certain, the simple minded strategy of appointing a former clerk to Justice Kennedy — as if Justice Kennedy would then hand over his term and his successor to a destructive and totally incompetent administration — especially after what Justice Gorsuch’s mom did to the EPA — will also be stopped in its tracks. Justice Kennedy will not hand over the key to the restructuring of this Supreme Court — to this sitting president and his crony capitalist administration. For this, you win.

Finally, you won because you showed the world that democracy still works. Now it’s time to finish the job.

This sitting president is a fraud. You’ve made it through the first 100 days. Congratulations, now finish the job. Stay way from anything Trump branded, avoid anyone that supports his products, and make sure you contact your congressional representative and senator and ask him or her to call for an independent investigation into his Russian connections.

But for standing up to fraud, and for all of your work — you deserve a victory celebration. Today. Congratulations. You did good. Keep up the good work.

And , as always, Thanks for all you do.