Colors and Shades
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Colors and Shades

Colors & Shades By VOER

The homie sends his love

When I told my homie VOER that his work was getting a positive response he had the widest smile “that’s really dope. I should paint something for them” he said enthusiastically “I actually brought a few blues that will look nice”

After finding a clean freight I watched as he outlined the letters in Thalassa “I’ll outline it with this first, then fill in the top. I’ll do the bottom with Genesis” he explained “I have a little bit of Casteau so I’ll color the middle with that after”

He spent a good five or six minutes on coloring all of it in before pulling out a new can “This is Manga pink, which I’ll use for the flair”

His hand moves steady around the blue tones. Hearing the paint hiss from the cap is actually really soothing for some reason. “Alright. Now, I’ll lay down the last outline in Neptune, that’s dark enough to make the letters clear”

Once finished he tagged his name and the words “Much Love”

“That’s right. Hopefully they like it” he said.

I asked if he knew where the trains went “Oh man, all over. I can’t tell you specifically where any of my work is going. Some lines travel up north, some go to Texas and New Mexico, others stay in California. Either way they’re sure to be seen”

We went around looking for a nice car where he could do another big piece.

He went to the front of his backpack and pulled out two greens “This is pistachio” he told me before marking the outline. The first can was empty shortly after the E. He picked up the second can and shook it till all the gloss and paint mixed well, then continued to work “I’ll use Caribbean for the flare, then Neptune as the outline”

He did a few more throwies after that, but I’ll save those pics for another article. Thanks for reading and appreciating the graff :)



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