Colors and Shades
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Colors and Shades

VOER In Paris Green and Bordeaux Red — Layer By Layer

I captured a throwie by VOER step by step

“Every one paints differently” VOER tells me “what works for me is tracing the first outline using the fill color with a stock cap”

“Once I have my letters down I switch to the astro fat cap and color everything in”

“Now that it’s covered I’ll pull out this Bordeaux Red” he says, removing it from his bag “The Green is Paris, after the color of their passenger trains. I wanted to do something French ” he mentioned while mixing the can of paint in a circular motion before positioning himself to lay the final outline and shade.

“I need more colors!” he exclaims. “I have to be more conservative with the cans I have, but once I reup I can do more work like this. I have some concepts in mind I can’t wait to bring to life”



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