Color Coin Exchange Rate is Updated!

The Color Platform is Transparent. We work consistently towards sharing our progress and internal decisions. Which is one of the core reasons why we are developing on the blockchain.

For deciding the Token Sale exchange rate, there was much deliberation within the Color Team. As there are definite advantages and disadvantages to pegging to the Dollar. Such as being more adaptable to volatile cryptocurrency prices.

The reason why the Color Platform chose an ETH conversion rate is to firstly simplify the Token Exchange. A simple static conversion of ETH to COL is easier to convey across a global audience, than a dynamic pricing structure. As Color has a community that spans across The United States, England, Russia, Korea, and Japan.

Additionally, the Color team believes in the future of decentralized blockchain-based currencies, over traditional centralized fiat currency. Progressing the Token Generation Event via ETH aligned with our blockchain enabled aspirations.

The second factor we had to take into consideration was the private contributor bonus. Our current exchange rate reflects the Color Teams commitment to ensure that the early contributors have an advantageous deal. Due to the recent fluctuation of ETH we were forced to update the Public Sale price, in order to honor the Private Contributor Bonus Rate.

The Color Team will always strive to be a transparent partner.

Have a Colorful Day :)

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