Color Global Meetup ① — Moscow, Russia

Along with the two Meetups held in Seoul, the Color Team headed towards Russia thanks to the support of global interest. We are quite affiliated with Russia, as there are many advisors, partnerships, and community members. To communicate with our global supporters, the President Young and Global CTO Nikolay flew to Moscow.

The Moscow Meetup was hosted at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Here are Choi and Artyome Vorobyov in front of the venue, giving a warm welcome to everyone!

President Young gave presentation about Color Platform’s main concept and roadmap, while Gloval CTO Nikolay demonstrated Color’s technology trend.

Finally, we had Roman Titov, the regional director of RBM Advisory, who gave a welcoming speech at the beginning of the event; Arutyun Avetisyan, director of ISPRAS, as well as one of Color’s advisor; and Nadezhda Surova, the president of Plekhanov University. After the meetup, our Russian and Belalouse team met together to further discuss the technology development, as seen on the image below. Specifically, they had a meeting about Color Platform’s MYP.

This will conclude the Russia Meetup! Where will the Color Team visit next? Please stay tuned for more news!

Have a Colorful Day :)

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