Color Platform Meets “Purechain” and Introduces Hardware Security Combined Blockchain

Pax Datatech and ICTK Holdings made an agreement to cooperate on technologies. Choi Young-kyu, President of Pax Datatech, and Yoo Seung-sam, chairman of ICTK Holdings took photo to commemorate the event (

This blog post is a summary of this article of Etnews, dated May 17, 2018

On May 17, Pax Datatech and ICTK announced a landmark partnership. Pax Datatech will develop a third-generation blockchain platform with ICTK’s “Purechain” Technology. Pax Datatech is developing the “Color Platform”, a blockchain platform which simplifies the dApp-development process.

PUF(Physical Unclonable Functions) is a technology that uses digital fingerprints created during the semiconductor manufacturing process. The “Purechain” team (ICTK, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Kyung-hee University, and Epinomy CL) has unveiled the world’s first blockchain technology to incorporate PUF. Purechain enables real-time transactions that is made through consensus between two nodes only, without third-party intervention, which makes it fast and secure.

Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) Chip

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have a myriad of problems with transaction speeds & costs, scalability, and other things that hold it back from mainstream adoption. The PUF allows Pax Datatech to address these issues at once without compromising the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

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