Color Platform TGE Strategy Update

The Color Team is all about transparency. We aim to provide clear messages about the team’s decisions and also our future direction.

Firstly, the Color Team would like to clarify that the Private Tokens are allocated to Private Contributors such as Venture Capitals, Strategic Partners, and Early Adopters. While a large portion of the Private Tokens have been reserved, there are still portions that are still in storage.

Secondarily, the Color Team has decided to take the overall TGE in a more private direction. As the Color Team shifts to an overall private token distribution strategy, the TGE dates will be updated as well. In particular, the remaining Public Token Supply will be distributed through an IEO(Initial Exchange Offering) on a future date.

Thirdly, as the focus is shifting towards Private Tokens, we will also be decreasing the support for channels. The Color team will continuously publish official announcements via the Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Bitcointalk. However, the chatrooms will be converted to more of an unofficial discussion channel than an official communication channel.

Lastly, the exciting Airdrop and Bounty Program are coming to a close as well. The Bounty Program, will only be concluding the majority of its campaigns. However, the Bounty Content Contest will still be open for users to contribute their reviews/analysis of the Color project!

Have a Colorful Day :)

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