Color TGE Security Checklist

  1. Do NOT use the same password with different websites
  • BEWARE of Scammers in community(Telegram,Kakao and other SNS)
  • Do NOT click on public links unless they are from the Color Admins
  • Do not follow links blindly — especially shortened URLs
  • Admins NEVER send PMs and ask for a private deal.

2. Double check Color’s TGE Wallet Address from our Official website to participate in the TGE

  • Double check Color’s website address and SSL certificate
  • Double check to click on the link and verify that they originate from official Color blogs and website.
  • Do NOT get confused between uppercase ‘I’[ái] and lowercase ‘l’ [el]
  • Do NOT get confused between letters and symbols

3. Double check Color’s TGE wallet address before sending ETH

  • Color’s Wallet address starts and ends with the 4 digits as below
  • 0x89********************************************54fd

4. Color Official website and email address

***The domain for Color website ONLY!!!