Continuing Color’s Steady Launch Schedule

When plans for the Color Platform first began, we wanted to be in the business of writing and catering to as many dApp users as possible. We have since shifted our initial focus away from trying to provide as many from the very beginning, and rather hone focus on the Engine and Platform itself. We believe this adjusted focus will allow us to better manage our resources on the core technologies and things vital to the success of the Color Platform, rather than the things which can be built on top of it later.

We still will be maintaining the relationships and agreements to allow these additions, but they don’t make sense to divert as much funding towards the various partnerships straight away. With the cooling off of the crypto market at large, we felt the need to focus on what will make Color really stand out and succeed, saving many of the individual dApps that are still early in planning and development for later.

Additionally, after closely analyzing the market, we needed to be very careful with what we were attempting to raise with our TGE. It was crucial to ensure the proper amount of slack funding in case the developments with our internal and partner teams hit unforeseen snags. The Color team has decided to have 200,000,000(or 57%) of our now reduced 350,000,000 Color Tokens for our TGE in the ERC20 token life cycle phase.

This means that everyone who has earned Color so far will own a more scarce token than they were previously promised. Pretty cool, right? Our bounty program and price of the Color token itself will not be changing. Also, with our current teams in place, we will still be able to fund the project upon a successful TGE. Because of this, our team is confident that setting the initial cap lower will inspire investors’ confidence and provide the team with enough slack funds to overcome the most unforeseen challenges in the development.

Have a Colorful Day :)

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