Crypto Predictions: What to Expect in 2019

Colorcoin is a Cryptocurrency that is designed to be evolutionary-friendly.


Color Platform will be chosen by both users and developers due to its built-in user convenience and developer friendliness. Users will use dApps on Color Platform in everyday life with faster transaction speed due to a second of block confirmation time. Also, developers no longer have to go through a process to learn a new language to develop their apps. The Solidity of Ethereum, the Haskell of Cardano, and the Okaml of Tezos are programming languages that not even one percent of the world’s developers use. The fact that developers need to learn a new language, or a language that is inconvenient to use, in order to develop a dApp on these platforms is a fatal disadvantage. However, Color Platform not only enhances transaction speed through ‘Spectrum’ technology, but also allows developers to use various programming languages and tools that they are already comfortable with.


Color Platform aims to attract 100 million daily users through the Color coin distribution program ‘Pixel Program’ within a few years. Five pixels per day will be sent to all KYC’ed wallets. Pixels have value only if they are sent to others within 24 hours and will be converted into Color coin once a week. This will encourage fair distribution and continued usage of tokens and would resolve the gap between the rich and the poor. There are also numerous examples of pixel utilization. People can send Pixels to friends they want to be close with, as gifts to their favorite celebrities, aid disaster relief, etc. Existing Cryptocurrency wallets are not used very often but Color Coin wallets will be activated through The Pixel Program, and will spread rapidly. Couple that with the one-currency for numerous dApps feature so the network effect is maximized.


Color Platform is a self-evolving platform. Color council will vote to utilize a treasury to those who suggest ideas for Color Platform to evolve in a better direction. As we can see from the recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork dispute, many Cryptocurrencies and its stakeholders fight for their own interest. This results in choices for certain individuals only, which in turn prevent the development of the platform. However, Color Platform will make changes in a rational, autonomous and positive direction in which the platform can evolve through its efficient governance system.

Color is not just another blockchain platform. It is a platform that is ready to be chosen by users by forming a ‘fit order’ through competition. Just as only the chosen kind that created a ‘fit order’ through continuous replication and variation has survived in the natural world, Color Platform is designed to be a leading platform.