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Become the first Cryptocurrency lottery winner! — DAILYTTO

The Color team has been bearing the summer heat and working hard on developing the “Colorful dApp Store.” Currently, there are already 1,700 dApps built on Ethereum. However, only a few dApps are generally known, and the rest of them remain as prototype level struggling with scalability issues, so it is very difficult to find people who are actually using dApps in their daily lives. That’s why Color aims to revolutionize the dApp ecosystem by providing a platform where people can develop more sophisticated dApps and enjoy several “Mega dApps” with a single unifying currency, the Color Coin.

DApp is an abbreviation form of decentralized application, which is operated based on smart contract and connects user and service provider directly. It eliminates intermediaries who earn fortunes merely by ensuring trust among users. So then, what is the “Mega dApp” that Color team has been developing? Color has been developing several dApps that can not only process smart contracts quickly through P2P consensus algorithm, but also attract many users. Today, we want to introduce dApps that the Color team’s partner has been developing, Pax Play. It has adopted already existing popular apps to the blockchain platform, and users will be able to enjoy high-quality dApps as soon as they are published. The Color team will expand the user base and increase transparency of the process by integrating current services with the blockchain technology where the blockchain can add unique advantages over traditional methods.

First, we have DAILYTTO, a lottery-based reward application. It is a blockchain based advertising platform. It is a compensating online advertising platform that uses blockchain technology to assist in retargeting and sending out appropriate promotions and rewards. For example, users earn lottery tickets when they engage in rewarding ads by downloading the app, registering for the website, watching the video ads or referring friends. The coupons are given, up to twenty-one a day, and users are automatically applied for the lottery when they choose five digits out of twenty-five numbers. The winning lottery numbers are decided by an algorithm for choosing the top 5 numbers that are voted by the lottery applicants.

With blockchain technology, no one can fabricate or predict the results. Therefore, we can ensure the fairness of the lottery process. Every day at 1:00 a.m.(UTC+9), the draw is held and rewards are given. Once the result is announced, all users’ information, including lottery ticket submission status and lottery process, is open to everyone. As DAILYTTO applies a lottery system that’s familiar to over 500 million people, it will be able to scale up globally. The Color team is already excited about sketching out the future of DAILYTTO with those who have experienced the thrill of lucky draw from Color Airdrop!

Stay tuned for more information on further dApps coming soon!

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