[TGE Guide]How to Setup a MyEtherWallet

  1. Access the MyEtherWallet website.


2. Enter a password you want to set and press Create New Wallet button.

3. Download the keystore file and go to the next page.

Save downloaded files. Press “I understand. Continue.” to move on.

4. Your private key is required to login to your MyEtherWallet and must be saved. Press “Save Your Address” and go to next page.

5. Enter your private key and press “Unlock”

Select the “Private Key” at the end of the list on the left, and enter the private key that was created immediately in the blank.

6. Your account has been created.

When the screen below appears at the bottom, make sure to save your account address(Account Address, Wallet Address) in Notepad, etc.

※ You will be able to see the ‘my wallet address’ column on Mypage when TGE begins (KST 3PM, GMT+9hrs, September 28th).

※ The minimum amount of the Color TGE contribution is 0.1 ETH.

Have a Colorful Day :)

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