[TGE Guide] How to Join Color TGE from MetaMask

Hello, its Color Team.

To participate in the Color Pre-TGE, users need to register ERC-20 compatible wallet address to the mypage of official Color website. Color team highly recommends users to use MyEtherWallet and Metamask (Chrome extension).

Here’s a guide to send ETH to the Color wallet by using MetaMask.

If you don’t have a Metamask Wallet installed, please refer to the Blog post Here.

1. Open MetaMask

Open Chrome browser and click ‘fox face’ on the upper right corner.

2. Enter Transaction Information

Enter your password and login to MetaMask, and click ‘SEND’.

3. Make a Transfer

On MetaMask,

→‘To’: Enter ‘Color Wallet address’ to send Ethereum to.

※ Ethereum address should starts with ‘0x…’ and is a combination of 42 digits and alphabet letters.

※ You will be able to see the ‘my wallet address’ column on Mypage when TGE begins (KST 3PM, GMT+9hrs, September 28th).

→’Amount’: Enter the amount of Ethereum to transfer in Box 3.

(See the blog post for ETH/COL exchange rates.)

※ The minimum amount of the Color TGE contribution is 0.1 ETH.

→‘Gas Fee’: Click on the blue bar At ‘Customize Gas’ page, optimize‘Gas Price(GWEI)and Gas Limit

For faster transaction, increase Gas Price(GWEI) and input Gas Limit based on the ‘Recommended Gas’ from Color Website.
Transaction speed is affected by ‘Gas Price(GWEI)’ not necessarily by ‘Gas limit’.

Check transfer information thoroughly and click “SUBMIT”

Check ‘Color Wallet Address’ and ‘Recommended Gas Limit’

Go to ‘‘MyPage’ of the Color website (http://colors.org)Enter MetaMask wallet address to the ‘My wallet address’ Check ‘Color’s Wallet Address’ and ‘Recommended Gas Limit’

※ Please make sure you copy the correct address and copy it correctly!

The Color Platform assumes no legal responsibility for damage caused by transmission to the wrong address.

4. You are all set!

Congratulations! You have successfully participated in the Color TGE!

Have a Colorful Day~!