Pre-TGE Successfully Concludes!

The Color Pre-TGE#1 has ended sooner than expected! The initial bulk of contributions mostly came from Europe and South Korea. The remaining Pre-TGE#1 token supply has been reserved by our Contributors from Japan.

The Color TGE now progresses to the second stage of Pre-TGE#2. For the Pre-TGE#2, the Color has strategically partnered with a cryptocurrency exchange to launch Korea’s first major IEO(Initial Exchange Offering). The exchange rate for the Pre-TGE#2 will be (1 ETH = 1700 COL).

An IEO is a TGE that is launched on a cryptocurrency exchange. While TGE’s are limited in that they only utilize the resources of a single website. An IEO utilizes the best of both worlds. IEOs build upon their existing exchange user base and add a 3rd party’s native network for double the effect. The Color TGE moves forward with an IEO.

Have a Colorful Day :)

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