The Blockchain Space is a Regulatory Minefield. Color Needs Experts to Help it Navigate the Trenches. Meet Professor David Thaw

David Thaw, Assistant Professor of Law and Information Sciences

The Blockchain space is still in its infancy, and it is because of this that the Color Project is acutely aware of the need of diverse talent from different backgrounds if it is going to mature properly. It is for that very reason that we asked David Thaw to join our advisory team for the Color Platform. So far we have introduced you to technological experts, but professor David Thaw is unique in that his talents go beyond strictly technology and computing. His breadth of knowledge covers both technological and legal, and this synergy is extremely important in a field where the legal challenges ahead will bring about challenges with no precedence, and having his experience available to Color is a huge benefit, and we are lucky to have him!

David Thaw has an educational background that would make any parent gleam with pride from ear-to-ear. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley, School of Law and received his Postdoctoral Fellowship from Yale Law School. He has been working in the IT and Security fields for over 20 years, during which he also received his Ph.D in Information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley. In an era where people specialize heavily in only one field, finding anyone who has expertise in two seemingly polar opposite fields is quite rare.

University of Pittsburgh

David was recruited into the IT industry early in his career. Just after starting college, Carvel Corporation hired him as their Webmaster. During his six-year tenure, David was responsible for all technical and design aspects, building Carvel’s Internet presence from the ground up and coordinating with all relevant corporate departments. After graduating college, David assisted in the development and deployment of a corporate-wide intranet web portal; the development of order fulfillment management software, and developed automation software for aggregating and updating web statistics for data mining purposes for United Technologies.

When he was a graduate student researcher at the International Computer Science Institute, he developed a web-based system to enable collaboration among non-technical users. While he was at the University of Maryland, he did his research on cybersecurity law, developing policies for trusted systems, and secure information exchange, as well as the deployment of usable secure systems and risk assessment modeling of cybersecurity threat/defense games. He also worked as a VP and CTO at YellowHat Laboratories. Now he works at the University of Pittsburgh as an assistant professor researching and teaching a wide range of topics from computer crime law to empirical study of cybersecurity technologies.

Being able to have a deep understanding of both technology and law in today’s world make him an extremely valuable asset to any organization he chooses to affiliate with, and we are honored he chooses to assist us in all of the difficulties that lie ahead in this new future. The world of blockchain is changing, and regulation and protection are fluctuating. In order to support a new technology platform like Color’s, we definitely need advisors like Professor Thaw who are not just Jack-of-all-Trades, but masters of them. Thank you for boarding the Color Platform, Professor Thaw!

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